Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ok, so I guess not really single anymore

I just deleted my profile!  And not because the only date I've gone on through Match was with a gay man.  Nope.  Despite that, I've held onto the membership, continuing to pay every month.  So why have I taken this apparently drastic step?  Well, because...I have a boyfriend.

Saying boyfriend after a certain age just feels a little ridiculous.  Now I know why my aunt and all of my mom's single girlfriends used to call the various men in their lives their "friend."  I'm way too old to change my Facebook status to "dating..." so I guess the way this 40-something will announce it is with a whisper (lest it go...POOF!) and a removal of all profiles across the online dating universe.

But before I hit "cancel my subscription", I took a look at what I wrote and damned if it wasn't the perfect description of the guy I've got.  Ain't life grand?  Here it is.  Feel free to borrow it.  Maybe it's got some good mojo.

Hi! I've been divorced for over 2 years and although single life has been an adventure, I'd love to find someone to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon with.

I'm funny (at least I think so), sarcastic, equal parts driven and lazy. I'm just as comfortable out dancing all night as I am spending the evening w/Netflix, pizza and a bottle of wine.

My perfect mate loves to laugh...often. 

He's equal parts cool and corny.


Family is important to him. 

He's not afraid to talk about his feelings. 

He's smart.

Interested in seeing the world

Not afraid to take the lead.

He's handsome, interesting looking and sexy.

Someone who can put a smile on my face just looking at me. Someone I'm hot for even when I'm pissed as hell at him. Someone who can make me laugh even when I'm about to cry.

If that's you...I'd love to hear from you! 

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