Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 2

I've been in Costa Rica for 2 days and I've spent most of the time trying to coax Jordan out of the room. The rest of the time I've been in the pool with Aidan trying to make sure this is a decent vacation for him. Thank God he makes friends easily which means I can get out, pull up a lounge chair and sip my warm, watered down margarita until he calls me for one thing or another. Mom, take my goggles. Mom, can I have my goggles? Mom, grab that ball... So how did this vacation come about? I only have myself to blame. My kids have a lot of shit. A LOT. 2 PSPs, 2 DS', an Xbox, a PS3 and a Wii. Plus the requisite peripherals: Kinect, Move, Guitar Hero. The list goes on. I grown tired of buying more shit just to have it sit around. They don't need it. So this Christmas, I said no more gifts and gave them an "experience" instead. A trip to Costa Rica! YAY! Something for everyone. Beach and pool for Jordan. Animals and adventure for Aidan. Should have been perfect. But we got here and Jordan refuses to leave the room. She doesn't "feel comfortable". What the FUCK does that mean, I ask? (without the fuck of course). No further explanation. Just a repeat of the same. She wants to go home. Why can't we go home? So yesterday Aidan and I go to the pool without her. She gets in bed, begs me to buy the wifi (which I was going to do anyway but almost didn't out of spite) and falls asleep. We come back 2 hours later and I have to damned near pull her out of bed for dinner. This morning I reschedule our zip line excursion thinking she needs time to acclimate. I come back to the room, wake them for breakfast and she refuses to leave. How does a child "refuse"? Well after the first 40 min, I pull her out of bed. She just sits there. I begin to wonder if she's completely gone off her rocker. If she doesn't need a Xanax, I do. Then the tears start. "Mommy, please! You don't understand. I don't feel comfortable. Why do I have to leave? Can't I just stay inside all day? Can they not clean the room just today? Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase?". We miss breakfast. I finally call her father. I ignore the feelings of inadequacy that I can't solve this myselbeans begin to give into the feeling that he or his dumb ass girlfriend are the cause. Jordan was so excited for this trip. Then she goes to her dads and comes back a nervous wreck. Anyway, I call. She talks. And cries. And then I get on the phone. He honestly sounds shocked. But I've been here with him before so I'm not completely convinced. He talks to her again. She gets in the shower, gets dressed and pouts all the way through breakfast. She refused to put on a bathing suit so she sits by the pool and stews for two hours while my guilt keeps me in there with Aidan playing volleyball with this super athletic family from Nebraska that laugh every time I miss a pass and once when the dad hit me in the head with the ball. Finally we take her back to the room where she sleeps for another 3 hours. We go back to the pool for more volleyball. I decide that I will definitely schedule an adult vacation as soon as I'm back home. Now It's 45 min til dinner and 3 hours til bed. Then on to Day 3. Oh the joy.

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