Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I'm a horrible blogger. I've thought of writing often but by the time I had the time the feeling had passed and it was on to the next. Today, I'm checking out of the madness around me to talk to you. My thought of the day...Single moms get totally gipped on Mother's Day. Or is it just me?   I am totally blessed to still have my mom around.  She had breast cancer a couple of years ago and the thought of her not being around nearly broke me.  So by no means am I complaining. Just ruminating... My Mom and my Dad live in Delaware so this morning (Saturday) I made a spinach lasagna (her request) and drove from Brooklyn to Delaware (with a new Kindle loaded with Fifty Shades as hr gift) to spend what's left of the weekend with her.   I didn't realize she was having a big BBQ.   I'm the bartender. Cosmos are on the cocktail menu for the ladies.  Plus the men are asking for stiff drinks.  Tomorrow (Sunday...Mother's Day) I drive back to BK.  So my married followers if you still get your breakfast in bed, spa days or time to sleep in while the hubby takes the kids thankful, give your husband a long, wet kiss, a hand job, SOMETHING!  

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